Adding a Blog Section

The Blog stripe contains 3 blog items. Each item is assembled by an image, its text (title and body) and a label (link to the post).

1. Click on the "+" sign and choose 'Blog':

2. Choose a design from the selection available

3. To change the default image of an item and add yours, left click the item and choose Replace image.

4. To change the default text of an item see Adding Text

5. To change the default link text left click it and select 'Edit Label':

Then left click again and select 'edit POST' to create the new page associated with the post and edit it.

To manage the blog items click the blue cog icon for the stripe and choose Manage from the pop-up window:

From the above window you can also much of the blogs layout configurations. Once you click 'Manage' you can control the following by hovering the blog item:

Adding blog items

To add more blog items, click the Add icon and a new blog item will be generated:

Removing blog items

To remove a blog item, click the 'x' icon:


Reordering blog items

To reorder the blog items select the arrows:

Click 'Done' to exit Manage Blog.


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