Add a Video Stripe

1. To add a Video element, click the '+' sign, which is located between the stripes:

The last in the list is 'Elements' click it to bring up a selection of elements you can add to your site.

Select the Video icon:

A default video will appear.

2. To change the default video and add your own or one from our collection, left click the video and choose Edit video:

Insert the YouTube link into the text box. Make sure the Link you use has this structure:

3. In the Edit video menu, you can also set the video to Autoplay, change its size, mute it, and turn on the loop feature.

4. Click SAVE, to return to editing mode.

Remember: You can edit the size of the video by hovering over the bottom blue line of the stripe until the double arrow icon appears, and adjust it's height accordingly. By doing the same at the end of the blue line at the browsers border, you can change its width.


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